In the spirit of Snowflakes

In the spirit of holidays we bring you some cute decorations 🙂


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4 thoughts on “In the spirit of Snowflakes

  1. Oh lovely !
    Are these for your own house ?
    I’m sure you must have made something for christmas as well ! 🙂

  2. I love huge cut out snowflakes! Styrofoam adds to the glistening effect, too. I have never touched real snow–can you believe that? So I’d probably be disappointed. To me snowflakes are supposed to be 2 feet in diameter, perfectly symmetrical and full of glitter!

    • Thank you, glad you like them 🙂 Yes, styrofoam gives them such great structure…Really??? I’m not a big fan of winter (actually i really dislike it, all the cold and tones of close we have to wear…), but snow is something different, makes everything pretty, white and calm 🙂 I don’t think you would be (except for their size :)), I think that you would be amazed at how something so little can have such amazing details…and they do sparkle 🙂

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