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Fight or submit to a change?

A few days ago we received an email from attorneys of the Twisted Sister, 80’s band, telling us how we violated the Federal Trademark law. They are claiming that by using the name Twisted Sisters Design/Creative and domain, we are causing a dilution and confusion amongst consumers.

twisted sisters creative - trademark law

Do they really think that people will not see/know the difference between a rock band and two sisters designers and crafters? And if you need ones info/services would you be that easily confused if you came across the other?

They are also saying that nobody can use the name Twisted Sister or any variation of the name.twisted sisters creative - trademark lawtwisted sisters creative - trademark law

Don’t get us wrong we are not against the trademark law, we support the right to register and therefore defend your name. But to what extend can this go? When did they get the right on the use of whole words?

twisted sisters creative - trademark law

With a little research (thank you Internet :)), we found out that they are actually on a “Cease and Desist” spree. Turns out that there are 7 (and probably more) businesses, that got the same “threatening” mail. Now we are thinking: are they big bullies or just desperate for attention?
And if there are so many businesses that can live and work together in peace with the same name, why is this band so special?
Some of the businesses that are affected: The Twisted Sister House of Hunger, Twisted Sisters Cupcakes, Twisted Sisters Hair Salon etc..

twisted sisters creative - trademark law

So now we formed a fighting group of small businesses against “the Big Band”. All the medias are used and news are included: CBS Minnesota, 9 News, Kare 11
If you support us spread the word, share, like etc 🙂 Tx!

So what do you think, should we fight for the name or succumb to the change? You never know, change might be good… And we might need to come up with a new name, do you have any suggestions?

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Decoupage Workshop

As we mentioned earlier in this post, we’re going to decoupage workshops as often as we can. The workshops are free and are held at Volunteer club in Novi Sad, every Monday at 20 pm. Everyone is welcome to join! All you need to do is apply at You don’t need any previous knowledge of this craft, you will learn everything at the club.

Volunteer club has plenty of free workshops like French and Spanish for beginners, Capoeira music workshop, Professional orientation and more. You can find out more on their website.

Here are a few awesome photos of decoupage workshop that were taken by Kristina. Kristina studies journalism but her first love is photography. She posts her work on Flickr and has a profile on Tumblr.


Kao što smo ranije spomenule u ovom postu, idemo na dekupaž radionice kada god možemo. Radionice su besplatne i održavaju se u Volonterskom klubu u Novom Sadu, svakog ponedeljka u 20 časova. Svi su dobrodošli! Sve što treba da uradite je da se prijavite na Ne treba vam prethodno znanje ove veštine, sve ćete naučiti u klubu.

Volonterski klub ima mnogo besplatnih radionica kao što su francuski i španski za početnike, radionica capoeira muzike, profesionalna orijentacija i mnoge druge. Možete da saznate više na njihovom sajtu.

Evo par odličnih fotografija dekupaž radionice koje je napravila Kristina. Kristina studira žurnalistiku ali njena prva ljubav je fotografija. Ona postavlja svoje radove na Flickr-u i ima profil na Tumblr-u.

Decoupage Workshop

Decoupage Workshop

Decoupage Workshop

Decoupage Workshop

Decoupage Workshop

Decoupage Workshop

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Another Award!? Oh Wow!

Brenda of Pencils, Paints & Pixels nominated us for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Thank you so much Brenda, we really appreciate it! 🙂

Kreativ Blogger Award Mosaic
Photos in this mosaic are collected from blogs referred to in this post.

In order to claim the Kreativ Blogger Award here’s what we, and the new nominees, need to do:

  1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link (thanks again Brenda!).
  2. List 7 things about yourself that your readers might find interesting.
  3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know.

Here are 7 things you guys might find interesting about us:

  1. We love to dance!
  2. We make our own alcoholic beverage called Medovacha. It’s a spirit drink mixed with honey. Yum!
  3. We started learning French a few days ago! We now know how to introduce ourselves! Yay!
  4. If you read it with a right accent, in Serbian, our last name would mean “little honey”.
  5. We love to sing but we seriously suck at it 😀 This is why we would like to apologize to our neighbors and thank them for not calling the cops on us!
  6. Two favorite inventions: bicycle and chocolate!
  7. We love animals! One day we hope to have a house with humongous yard where we will have all the animals known to mankind… Well at least the ones that won’t eat us… Something like Noah’s Ark only we will call it Twisted Yard.


  1. in pursuit of more
  2. Girl Meets World
  3. printmatter
  4. re:blog
  5. scissors, glue & paper happiness
  6. the sisters k
  7. movita beaucoup


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Oh Wow! An Award!

A few days ago, Beth of Chic Envelopements nominated us for Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much Beth!

Photos in this mosaic are from blogs referred in this post.

You guys probably already knew this, but Beth is an amazing refashionista! If you haven’t already, you should check out her blog. She makes awesome tutorials – like this sweater to cardigan refashion tutorial.

According to VBA rules, we are supposed to nominate a few fellow bloggers for this award, so here are the nominees:

  • Victoria S Bjorge Victoria is a very talented illustrator who blogs about her work and about what inspires her.
  • Paper and Planes Incredible art by the husband-wife team Jon and Rachel Austin.
  • Hand Made Linzy is an ultimate craft blogger. Her projects are fun, her tutorials are clear and her photos are pretty.
  • Mrs. D’s Kitchen Ridha is a wife and a mother who makes our mouths water with yummy food, fun recipes and gorgeous photos!
  • Nest Design Studio Natalie and Maya blog about their day to day activities, style and design.
  • Sew Katie Did Katie is a very talented quilter who teaches improvisational patchwork and quilting in Seattle.
  • We are MFEO ” We breathe renewed life into objects of the past with the intent to find each unique piece a new home” 🙂
  • Littleswift is a creative blog about craft and illustration by very talented Cheryl Henry.

Seven things about us:

  1. We are sisters, Sanja is 27 and Dragana is 24 years old, but people often think we are twins – and everyone thinks we are younger than we really are 🙂
  2. We have a brother (aka the bother – as we like to call him :)) who is a packaging designer. We all got a creative gene from our mom who is signage designer and a crafty lady. And we got our dad’s good looks 😀
  3. We’re addicted to TV series and movies. But, like, really addicted! Our brother calls us no lifers. We once went trough a whole Gilmore Girls series in just three days – it’s 7 seasons long!
  4. We love to read and try to do it as often as we can. Example: reading while standing in a bus on the way to work, reading in waiting rooms and waiting lines…reading at 4 am, although you know you have to get up very early tomorrow…Favorite books (so far) – Sanja: “To Kill A Mocking Bird” by Lee Harper – Dragana: “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak
  5. We know Karma will get us if we do stupid things, but we still do them… Yeah, we’re wild! XD
  6. Our dream is to one day live on a seaside, where is always warm and sunny… And if that doesn’t work – learn to hibernate! And skip the winter altogether.
  7. We can’t say no to popcorn! And almonds. Those are like drugs to us!

Thanks again Beth 😀

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Shirt Art: Sheep In The Yellow City

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all your positive comments and likes on our Shirt Art post – you are amazing and your support is precious to us 🙂

Considering that you liked our shirt refashion, we decided to make another one! This time it’s a yellow shirt that had a tinny, tinny hole. We realized that no matter how well we were to mend this tear the patch would still be obvious so, once again, we turned to our trusty embroidery needle. First, we mended the hole with some basic thin tread, and than embroidered a little sheep over the mended aria. This is how it turned out:


Zdravo svima! Mnogo vam hvala na svim pozitivnim komentarima i lajkovima na našem postu
Shirt Art
– divni ste i vaša podrška nam je dragocena 🙂

Pošto vam se dopalo kako smo popravile prethodnu majicu, odlučile smo da uradimo još jednu! Ovaj put u pitanju je žuta majica koja je imala malenu rupu. Zaključile smo da koliko god dobro zašile tu rupicu, zakrpa bi ipak bila vidljiva tako da smo se ponovo odlučile da upotrebimo našu pouzdanu iglu za vez. Prvo smo običnim tankim koncem zašile rupu a zatim smo preko toga izvezle malenu ovcu. Evo kako je ispalo:

Sheep Embroidered On Yellow Shirt

Sheep Embroidered On Yellow Shirt

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Shirt Art

In every closet there is a place (big or small) for clothes that we love but no longer wear. Weather it’s because the items are outdated, torn, too big/small or stained, we are attached to these garments for some reason and we just can’t throw them away. Luckily, refashioning and up-cycling clothes is extremely popular and there are tons of great tutorials all over internet that can help us give new life to our damaged babies.

We have such place in our closet. And it’s not small… There are a bunch of sweaters from 90’s that need help, shirts that are new-ish but stained/ripped and jeans that don’t really fit the way we want them to. So inspired by the whole refashion movement, we decided to renew one of our shirts that had a small but seeable stain. We don’t like to dye clothes so we decided to cover it with embroidery. We found an awesome embroidery design on a tote by golly g on Flickr that inspired us. This is how our shirt looks now:


U svakom ormanu postoji mesto (veliko ili malo) za garderobu koju volimo ali više ne nosimo. Bilo da je zato što su stvari zastarele, pocepane, prevelike/premale ili isflekane, vezani smo za ove odevne predmete i jednostavno ne možemo da ih bacimo. Srećom, prerađivanje i prepravljanje garderobe je izuzetno popularno pa svuda po internetu postoje odlični tutorijali koji nam mogu pomoći da svojim oštećenim bebama udahnemo novi život.

U našem ormanu postoji takvo mesto. I nije malo… Tu je gomila džempera iz 90tih kojoj treba pomoć, majice koje su polu-nove ali isflekane/pocepane i farmerice koje jednostavno ne stoje kako bi mi htele. Tako da smo, inspirisane pokretom prerađivanja, odlučile da obnovimo jednu majicu koja je imala malenu ali vidljivu fleku. Ne volimo da farbamo garderobu pa smo odlučile da upotrebimo vez. Pronašle smo odličan dizajn koji je izvezla golly g i postavila sliku koja nas je inspirisala na Flickr-u. Ovako sada izgleda naša majica:

Shirt Embroidery

We are very happy with how it turned out!


Jako sme zadovoljne kako je ispalo!

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Inspiration: Pierrette Diaz Illustration

Creative and clever illustrations by Pierrette Diaz depict how children perceive the world around them. We found these funnies via Iheardin and we instantly fell in love with them, so we wanted to share them with you guys. Enjoy!


Kreativne i domišljate ilustracije Pierrette Diaz prikazuju kako deca vide svet oko sebe. Pronašle smo ove  smešnice na Iheardin-u i momentalno se zaljubile u njih, pa smo htele da ih podelimo sa vama. Uživajte!

Pierrette Diaz - Pregnant

Pierrette Diaz - Mom and Dad

Pierrette Diaz - The Oven

Pierrette Diaz - Crosswalk

Pierrette Diaz - Bath Time

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Crafting: Decoupage

A few weeks ago we started going to decoupage workshops that are taking place at a Volunteer club in our hometown. So every Tuesday at 20:00 a clock we pack our brushes and head to the Volunteer club for some crafting. It’s very fun, relaxing and creative and we’ve met some very cool new people! So far, we learned how to decoupage pins, coasters and bookmarks.

Below are pictures of pins we did and a beautiful little crochet basket Sanja made, also a few pics from the last weeks workshop 🙂


Pre par nedelja smo krenule na dekupaž radionice koje se održavaju u Volonterskom klubu u Novom Sadu. Od tada, svaki utorak u 20h pakujemo svoje četkice i idemo u Volonterski klub. Izuzetno je zanimljivo, opuštajuće i kreativno a i upoznale smo cool nove ljude! Do sada smo naučile kako da dekupažiramo bedževe, podmetače i obeleživače za knjige.

Ispod su slike bedževa, slatke male korpice koju je Sanja napravila i par slika sa prošlonedeljne radionice 🙂


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Inspiration: Satirical Illustration by Pawel Kuczynski

A few months ago we started using StumbleUpon and since then we got to see some crazy-amazing stuff. Last night we stumbled upon some creative artwork by Polish illustrator Pawel Kuczynski, who’s work was featured on Visual News blog.

Here are some of our favorite illustrations:


Pre par meseci smo počele da koristimo StumbleUpon i od tada smo nabasale na gomilu odličnih sajtova. Sinoć smo naišle na kreativni rad poljskog ilustratora Pawela Kuczynskog, čiji je rad objavljen na Visual News blogu.

Evo i par nama omiljenih ilustracija:

Millitary Occupation

Wattering Can





The Car


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Freebies: Texture Packs

We love us some freebies!
Wanted to share this great collection of textures from Noupe with you.

From walls, wood, bricks, tiles and other surfaces to grungy bokeh, vintage patterns and snow whites. You can find it all!

Here are some of our faves. Happy designing!


Želele smo da sa Vama podelimo ovu sjajnu kolekciju tekstura, koju smo pronašle na

Od zidova, drveta, cigli i  pločica do grundž, vintidž paterna i sneg belih površina. Možete pronaći sve što Vam treba!

Evo i nekih nama omiljenih tekstura. Srećno dizajniranje!





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