DIY Summer Accessories, part 2

These funky bracelets were created on our summer vacation in Greece. We were inspired by the beach, the warm weather and the calming sounds of the waves.

The bracelets were not as easy to make as the red belt/headband/necklace – it’s not that the way they were made is difficult it’s just that it was a looong process. They are composed of crocheted i-cords (we used this i-cord video tutorial) and crocheted chains all tied together with a knot. They are quite stretchy so we can just slip them on.

The one with blue cord is called “The Beach” and the one with yellow cords is called “Sunset”, so when you wear them together you have “Sunset on the Beach” 🙂


Ove narukvice su nastale na letovanju u Grčkoj. Inspirisala nas je plaža, toplo vreme i umirujući zvuci talasa.

Narukvice nije bilo tako lako napraviti kao crveni kaiš/traku/ogrlicu – način na koji se prave nije toliko komplikovan koliko je heklanje ovih narukvica bio dugotrajan proces. Sastavljene su od heklanih i-cord-a (koristile smo ovaj i-cord video tutorijal) i heklanih lančića povezanih čvorom. Dosta su rastegljive tako da se lako mogu navući na ruku.

Narukvica sa plavom trakicom se zove “Plaža” a narukvica sa žutim trakicama se zove “Zalazak sunca”, pa kada ih nosite zajedno imate “Zalazak sunca na plaži” 🙂

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