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Fight or submit to a change?

A few days ago we received an email from attorneys of the Twisted Sister, 80’s band, telling us how we violated the Federal Trademark law. They are claiming that by using the name Twisted Sisters Design/Creative and domain twistedsisterscreative.com, we are causing a dilution and confusion amongst consumers.

twisted sisters creative - trademark law

Do they really think that people will not see/know the difference between a rock band and two sisters designers and crafters? And if you need ones info/services would you be that easily confused if you came across the other?

They are also saying that nobody can use the name Twisted Sister or any variation of the name.twisted sisters creative - trademark lawtwisted sisters creative - trademark law

Don’t get us wrong we are not against the trademark law, we support the right to register and therefore defend your name. But to what extend can this go? When did they get the right on the use of whole words?

twisted sisters creative - trademark law

With a little research (thank you Internet :)), we found out that they are actually on a “Cease and Desist” spree. Turns out that there are 7 (and probably more) businesses, that got the same “threatening” mail. Now we are thinking: are they big bullies or just desperate for attention?
And if there are so many businesses that can live and work together in peace with the same name, why is this band so special?
Some of the businesses that are affected: The Twisted Sister House of Hunger, Twisted Sisters Cupcakes, Twisted Sisters Hair Salon etc..

twisted sisters creative - trademark law

So now we formed a fighting group of small businesses against “the Big Band”. All the medias are used and news are included: CBS Minnesota, 9 News, Kare 11
If you support us spread the word, share, like etc 🙂 Tx!

So what do you think, should we fight for the name or succumb to the change? You never know, change might be good… And we might need to come up with a new name, do you have any suggestions?

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