Colorful crochet bracelet

These crochet bracelets are made as a birthday present to our dear sister 🙂
We love how you can choose a number and color combination that suit your mood…or your outfit.

Oh and by the way the red bracelets are actually recycled. Yarn that they are made of is harvested from an old shirt, so it’s a pretty and an eco-friendly bracelet 🙂


Ove narukvice su pravljene kao rođendanski poklon za našu dragu sestru 🙂
Dopalo nam se što može da se izabere željeni broj i boje koje odgovaraju trenutnom raspoloženju…ili garderobi.

Inače crvene narukvice su napravljene od recikliranog konca prikupljenog sa stare majice. Tako da je ovo jedna lepa i eko-prijateljska narukvica 🙂

Crochet bracelet

Crochet bracelet

Crochet bracelet

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16 thoughts on “Colorful crochet bracelet

  1. Print Matter says:

    These are beautiful! Are you guys selling them online?

  2. How creative! They’re lovely too!

  3. Love the images (great product too).

  4. Saskia says:

    Love these! They look gorgeous, and such a bonus that they’re recycled too.

  5. Jess Smart Smiley says:

    These are so cute! Great idea 😀

  6. These are so simple and great. I think the color pallet is what makes it. Where do you get your labels made?

  7. beautiful !! is it possible to find a tutoriel somewhere ?

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