Shirt Art

In every closet there is a place (big or small) for clothes that we love but no longer wear. Weather it’s because the items are outdated, torn, too big/small or stained, we are attached to these garments for some reason and we just can’t throw them away. Luckily, refashioning and up-cycling clothes is extremely popular and there are tons of great tutorials all over internet that can help us give new life to our damaged babies.

We have such place in our closet. And it’s not small… There are a bunch of sweaters from 90’s that need help, shirts that are new-ish but stained/ripped and jeans that don’t really fit the way we want them to. So inspired by the whole refashion movement, we decided to renew one of our shirts that had a small but seeable stain. We don’t like to dye clothes so we decided to cover it with embroidery. We found an awesome embroidery design on a tote by golly g on Flickr that inspired us. This is how our shirt looks now:


U svakom ormanu postoji mesto (veliko ili malo) za garderobu koju volimo ali više ne nosimo. Bilo da je zato što su stvari zastarele, pocepane, prevelike/premale ili isflekane, vezani smo za ove odevne predmete i jednostavno ne možemo da ih bacimo. Srećom, prerađivanje i prepravljanje garderobe je izuzetno popularno pa svuda po internetu postoje odlični tutorijali koji nam mogu pomoći da svojim oštećenim bebama udahnemo novi život.

U našem ormanu postoji takvo mesto. I nije malo… Tu je gomila džempera iz 90tih kojoj treba pomoć, majice koje su polu-nove ali isflekane/pocepane i farmerice koje jednostavno ne stoje kako bi mi htele. Tako da smo, inspirisane pokretom prerađivanja, odlučile da obnovimo jednu majicu koja je imala malenu ali vidljivu fleku. Ne volimo da farbamo garderobu pa smo odlučile da upotrebimo vez. Pronašle smo odličan dizajn koji je izvezla golly g i postavila sliku koja nas je inspirisala na Flickr-u. Ovako sada izgleda naša majica:

Shirt Embroidery

We are very happy with how it turned out!


Jako sme zadovoljne kako je ispalo!

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25 thoughts on “Shirt Art

  1. Wow this is SO cute! One of my friends just suggested i draw an owl…its a sign that i must! Nice work. X Bec

  2. OK, now you’ve gone and done it. Now I’m gonna have to add ANOTHER craft to my list! Embroidery. This so so stinkin’ cute!

  3. Your sweater redo looks really nice! And I like how you wear it with your scarf – very comfortable and sweet look 🙂

  4. artfulhelix says:

    That’s awesome! I love the design you chose, it goes so well with the color of the sweater. I have many talents, unfortunately that isn’t one of them, lol.

  5. Oh my, I LOVE this! So charming. And I do love a piece of clothing with a story to tell. Way to keep old clothes alive, brilliant!

  6. mamagwen says:

    Love the embroidery, totally cute! Good work on upcycling that top, it looks amazing. Now you’re giving me some ideas, hehe 🙂

  7. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Wow this tee is awesome! I love love love owls! 🙂

  8. Joni says:

    Very original and unique…thanks for the visit and “like”!

  9. Anjieya says:

    I like this! It is make me have idea to make my tshirt different.

  10. The results are just wonderful!

  11. Tania Willis says:

    thanks for dropping by my blog and the like – much appreciated. Love your shirt art!

  12. traditionis says:

    I like,wonderful.

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