Inspiration: Pierrette Diaz Illustration

Creative and clever illustrations by Pierrette Diaz depict how children perceive the world around them. We found these funnies via Iheardin and we instantly fell in love with them, so we wanted to share them with you guys. Enjoy!


Kreativne i domišljate ilustracije Pierrette Diaz prikazuju kako deca vide svet oko sebe. Pronašle smo ove  smešnice na Iheardin-u i momentalno se zaljubile u njih, pa smo htele da ih podelimo sa vama. Uživajte!

Pierrette Diaz - Pregnant

Pierrette Diaz - Mom and Dad

Pierrette Diaz - The Oven

Pierrette Diaz - Crosswalk

Pierrette Diaz - Bath Time

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10 thoughts on “Inspiration: Pierrette Diaz Illustration

  1. christine says:

    Terrific! My munchkin would relate to the dragon stove and the alligators under the sewer grate. And the illustrations are fabulous.


  2. Tanaya says:

    I totally relate to the first picture.. these are really good. the way we can relate and think back to them makes them personal, in a way. Thanks for posting them. great blog here..;)
    and thanks for visiting mine!

  3. Grrrrrrrrr.
    I’m scared.

  4. Gobetween says:

    I love the eyes in each illustration. Thank you for sharing – love them.

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