Happy Holidays Card

Happy Holidays!
Twisted Sisters wishes you all the best!

Happy Holidays 2012
Stars and card are made and designed by Twisted Sisters.
For studio,camera and a few lessons in photography we thank our friends and colleagues:
3 oranges design, N-Martin, Preduzece

We had lots of fun making this card, so here are some more photos from our greeting card photo session.


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14 thoughts on “Happy Holidays Card

  1. Marilyn says:

    This is amazing! How creative. So – did this take you long to do?

  2. Karen Catto says:

    The stars are amazing, very original 🙂

  3. urbandenizen says:

    I love them! I call these the chubby stars.

  4. georgiajames says:

    I love these little stars!!! Thanks for your comment! Yall are so creative! Great blog!

  5. J’ADORE!!!!
    It’s magnificent, amazing, fresh, lovely.
    How do you do it?

    • Thank you very much! We are so glad that you like it.
      We found a tutorial for this beautiful little paper stars, unfortunately we can remember were exactly… So we made a bunch of them, from different paper, sprinkle them with confetti and voila. You can just search for paper stars and they’ll pop right up 🙂

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